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Who We Are

Eziway Group
Eziway Group is a technology innovator that develops systems and delivers services for the non-profit sector including charities, public health, and community and

Disability Services

providers. We collaborate with industry to develop purpose-built solutions that manage employees and the services they deliver.

Eziway Group Entities

Salary Packaging

Eziway Salary Packaging Pty Ltd

Salary Packaging
Salary Packaging
Eziway Salary Packaging manages the workplace benefits programs for clients and licences our platform to employers who want to manage their programs inhouse. The EAS platform is Australia’s leading

Salary Sacrifice

administration system with an inbuilt

Pay Calculator

enabling clients to measure accurately the level of tax savings derived from a salary sacrifice arrangement. Eziway is a boutique provider of Salary Packaging and

Novated Lease

Services that specialises in FBT-exempt employers since commencing operations in 2006. We manage 254 employer clients nationally with 249 being FBT exempt. Our systems are dedicated to the faultless administration of this tax status and our dedicated service model is tailored in every case to meet the growing needs of each client.

Vehicle Leasing

Eziway Leasing Pty Ltd

Car Leasing
Vehicle Leasing


established in 2010, manages the high-value workplace benefit, Novated Leases, for employee clients wishing to update to late model or new vehicles. Salary Sacrificing a new vehicle allows you to pay for all running costs in pre-tax dollars. Makes perfect sense.


Eziway Payroll Pty Ltd

Eziway Payroll


established in 2014 provides the Australian Payroll market with a sophisticated platform of 5 programs in 1. From Staff Planning, Awards Interpreter and Rostering, to Time & Attendance, Payroll Processing and Reporting, Eziway provides options to fully outsource the service or license our platform on SaaS service model.

Software Development

Eziway Software Development Pty Ltd

Eziway Software Development
Software Development

Software Development

develops and enhances the platforms on which the Group functions and provides services. ESD is the parent company launched in 2006 to collaborate with industry, conduct needs analysis and deliver customised solutions. Our product range include:
EAS - Manages the workplace benefits programs on behalf of clients to those employers who want to licence our platform to manage their programs inhouse.
EziCare™ - We collaborated with


service providers to develop a purpose-built


client management solution that integrates the management of support worker and participants.
EziStaff™ - Provides the complete HRIS system. The modules include: talent management, recruitment, onboarding, induction, training and development at your HR managers fingertips. Designed on the latest development platforms, it provides dashboards with vital information on demand. Cloud based so HR needs for portability and accessibility are met.

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